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Jun & Kaz on the mighty shopper-bike of Tadaaki

Awful and unlikely to improve any time soon. (Though new awfulness is heaped upon it irregularly.)

Well what more can I say, This was meant to be a page purely for photos of our Baby son Juntaro Wixon. Then things started to escalate and now there's all the random tumsch that I feel like photographing. If only we hadn't been given opposable thumbs and camera phones this would never have become an issue. Ho hum.

If you came here searching for info on Chica Wixon's textile works you came to the right place. She has a subpage here with sample images and contact info.

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27/10/12. Massive cull of old stuff! I got busted for having too much on here by my ISP, D'oh!.
24/03/11. Juntaro & Kazumi's late 2010 & early 2011.
11/11/10. More pictures of Juntaro & Kazumi's 2010.
10/08/10. KAZUMI's Here! Jun's excited/running scared! Madness mayhem etc. etc.
19/12/09. Another page of Juntaro's 2009 pictures and a page of holiday snaps from Long Island.
16/12/09. FINALLY! Two more pages of Juntaro's pictures.
16/12/09. FINALLY! Pictures from our trip to Japan in Spring 2009.
30/10/08. Ken Iino's photos from our October 2008 trip to cycle in the Alps - stuff..cycling page2.
21/10/08. 2 new Japan pages, pictures by Yoko, Tatsuya and me. Pictures from Spring 2008.
20/10/08. Five new JUN pages, pictures by Dad, Mark and me, photos from Duxford, Southwold, Winter 2007, Jun's 4th Birthday party & the summer.
20/10/08. A new Japan page, pictures by Yoshihiko and me. Pictures from Spring 2008.
14/10/08. After a year of Neglect....Finally a new STUFF page, photos from late 2007 & 2008 quite bike-centric I'm afraid...
06/09/07. A new JUN page, pictures by Dad and me, photos from late 2006 & 2007
23/08/07. A new CYCLING page on the STUFF page. Pics from the London Triathlon and a cycle trip to Cambridge - photos courtesy of Donal doherty, Jazz Kang & Mark Albertella
16/04/07. 3 new JAPAN pages on the Holidays page. From our trip in March / April 2007
07/12/06. A new STUFF page - REALLY OLD STUFF: Kefalonian Holiday, a heli flight and Chica & I getting married, and a new PARTY page: photos of Terry & Marion's wedding
07/12/06. A new JUN page, pictures by Pootergeek and me
24/08/06. A new JUN page, pictures by Mark, Hannah and me, some shots of the new house and Jasmine, Jimmy and Jessica's new baby girl @ 1 day old!
25/05/06. Finally! an Update! MARK & JO's wedding photos on party page 5!. MASSIVE UPDATE!! Crete, Japan 2006 and 3 new JUN pages!! Text tags to follow...