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Spring 08 in Japan, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya & Monkey Park.


  at Heathrow airport

  JUNDAM! Jun is Gundam! apparently.


  Shizuko and her Crazy dog.

  Sea Otters on the Chikatetsu



  Serious face, hilarious pose...



  Jun wants to be Lewis Hamilton.


  Double Jun!!!


  Eri and Chica displaying belly dancing costumes. Whilst Jun shows off the Origami Beetles (Kabutomushi) that Eri gave him.

  Jun & Yusuke


  It's time for Jun's annual haircut! Same stylist as last year...


  Jun & Yoko's mum.

  Wearing Atsunori's old Kamen Rider tee-shirt

  Bang a gong! at the Family temple on Awajishima


  At the Hiroshima peace park.

  The Museum here is the most deeply moving place I've ever been.

  Coming back on the shinkansen

  With Haruki in Nagoya


  & here's Hikaru too, Jun with his cousins.



  Great kids meals!







  Strange lemur lady, lurking in the background


  Meanwhile, over in the "Homo Sapiens" cage...



  Monkey park has the BEST adventure play area. Grown-ups can go on everything too!!!




  Big Tortoise!

  Let's play "touch the lizard!" Sadly we've no pictures of the massive Millipede I had to hold - EEEUUGGHH!!!


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