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Spring 08 in Japan, Yokohama with Yoko, Tatsuya and Tasuku. Including Anpanman World & the Yokohama Tin toy museum.

  A day out on Tatsuya's MTB - in jeans. A sure-fire recipe for a sore ar5e!

  Whilst the Girls take the kids off sightseeing & shopping.




  Jun gets to grips with Wii Fit.

  Driving the Tram Simulator at the Mitsubishi Industrial museum (



  I swear the robot told me off when I shook its hand

  ...it was nice to everyone else

  Now what are the boys playing?

  Ahh, Gundam fighting games.

  I'm not sure Tasuku likes Spag Bol.


 That's not an Anpanman anpan, man! It's Doraemon on a bun


 Jun bounces towards lightspeed and starts to pass into hyperspace...


  At Anpanman world in Yokohama.

  Aboard Baikinman's ship.

  Nice hat Chica!



  In the tiny, but Excellent Yokohama Tin-toy museum.

  Tiny Diner


 Tin R101 - less flammable than the original...



  Given what it did, it's surprising how popular toys of the Boeing Superfortress were in post-war Japan. I can't quite get my head around it.

  lotsa lotsa ROBOTS!


 Bubble Cars.






  Juntaro Power Ranger!



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