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Spring 08 in Japan, Nara & Osaka

  Getting tickets to Nara

  Deer hang out at the Town Hall.

  Jun fear deer...


  Kaori and Toranosuke arrive to hang out for the day.

  Deer, dear.



  Tora-kun got big!


  It's nice to be back after 8 years away - Nara is still stunning.


  Jun makes it through the lucky post hole!

  About 20 times, whilst everyomne else queues up for a turn.


  The Blossoms are just starting - but I think this is Ume (plum) not Sakura.




  Terrapin tastic!




  There's the Rapito again.

  Back to Osaka in time for Tea.

  I've a horrible feeling that's Whiskey over ice in that glass

  Yup, it's from Shoko-san's personal bottle. Nice Touch!

  Jun's making friends - and then making them buy stuff for him...

  Noodle night with Eri, I had the spiciest food I've ever found in Japan. My lips are still tingling!




 In Nagai Koen



  Jun up a tree! let's run off and leave him there!



  Osaka castle by night, from a long way away


  Atsunori gives Jun an awesome gift of Kamen Riders!


  Chica & Yoko love the all you can drink, soft-drink bar.


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