JAPAN 2009


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Spring 09 in Japan

  Jun n Chica - enjoying a leftover valentine's arch in Osaka, don't they look happy?

  Osaka's Aquarium is amazing. Here's the otters.


  & the penguins, enjoying their mirror.

  Ippudo Osaka with Eri - again! I love their chilli ramen.

  Juntaro, just before he was eaten by a cartoon polar bear.

  Hey! that's no cartoon bear!

  some sort of big kingfisher thing. he's just here to steal the seals fish.

  Ride that giant bronze hippo!

  Jun & Haruki posing on Zoo stuff.


  Lesser Panda, red panda? you decide.

  Family photo-op at the Kitabatake shrine.

  Jun, acting up for the camera.

  We almost get the 3 boys to sit still...

  & then the moment passes, at least Hikaru made everyone else smile!

  A day out in Kyoto.



  Chica n Jun drink the lucky spring water.


  Jun about to get a soaking in Tennoji park.


  Yes Jun, that's a fountain... it's slippery there. Don't fall over or you'll have to wear dad's hoodie!

  Wow that hoodie looks great on you, is it yours?

  Though maybe it is a little big. Wow Toranosuke is growing up fast too.


  at Osaka castle, Tadaaki's trying to keep us up to date with Japan's progress in the World Baseball Classic. THEY WON!!!

  Jun's hair got really really long!




  Jun holding court in the local nomiya

  And persuading strangers to buy him expensive toys. NOOOO!!!

  Again with the smile.

  & again with the free toys.. NOOO!

  Now he has to earn his keep helping out behind the counter...

  ...and scaring away the clientele.

  Chica and some of her old high-school friends.

  Tadaaki took us to "CATS" for Karaoke. Rest in Peace Tadaaki. You'll be sorely missed. Thank you for everything.


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