Paul gets a new haircut...



After more than half my life so far with long hair, 90% humidity and the boiling hot Japanese summer persuaded me to get it cut. Chica took me to "BOY" a salon she used to love back about 9 years ago when she used to live in Osaka. The salon is on the 5th floor of a tower block in Shinsaibashi:- a big trendy shopping area of Central Osaka. My Stylist for the day was Taki, a real character who'd been trained at Toni and Guy's in London and had lately been working in Manilla. There he'd learnt an ancient hair-cutting technique which cuts all the hair with a single blow of a sword. Unfortunately this leaves the recipient of the haircut about a foot shorter and with rather a nasty stain on the collar of their shirt.



 Washed and ready to go.


 After purifying and blessing his scissors with boiling hot Sake, Taki goes in for the first cut.


 First we toy with the "Hitler" look.


 Then a Beatlesesque Mop-top.


 Dry cutting is apparently required.


 Taki demonstrates a Filipino elbow strike.


 And goes off to finish the hair colouring on the woman behind me leaving me with enough time to...


 ...contemplate the huge pile of my hair on the floor.


 Jawohl Mein Kapitan!


 After a second wash a back/neck massage is all part of the service.


 Taki declares victory over hair.


 I concur, Victory over hair it is.


 Yes victory indeed viewers, and a blurry one a that.


 Taki's Business card, (if you ever find yourself in Osaka and in need of a haircut, I heartily recommend him.)