I love the Nissan CUBE!!



Some pictures of the Nissan Cube. Which is basically a Micra that thinks its a Hummer. It was Japan's top selling car 2 years ago and has just been face-lifted to look even crazier. I'd love one but they're 12K in the Uk (there is one importer) you get no proper warranty everything is in Japanese and Kilometres and the car should only be about 8K anyway waaahh!



 Black Cube oooooh! like the borg would go shopping in.


 Ok, so its not a cube. But I love the fact that someone built a monster truck to drive around Osaka in.


 White Cube, but not the one in Hoxton. I'll probably get hits in google for that evetually. ho ho ho.


 Sugoi Daisuki desu!


 This one's got its original "Waffle" wheels.


 Check out the wrap-around rear window! Which opens like a gate for no readily expalainable reason.


 Again not a cube, and not a great photo (shot on the way home from the bar.) This is the back of an ED (sports saloon) and the owner must be happy to know that they bought the "Exciting Version" He specifically asked not to have the "Dull version".


 What on Earth were Toyota thinking when they produced this Decal for the doors of the Estima? And why hasn't the (UK-based)owner peeled them off? I love to have fun and I love MY family and friends, but I don't need my car doors to tell the world this fact...