Japan Higher Quality images.



These are the better quality photos from the real digital camera and the stills from the camcorder not the mini-cam in the mobile phone.



 Suzuki-san from next door came to see Jun.


 We went to Kyoto to see Eri's ceramic work in a gallery.


 Jun, tiny sumo!


 At the local temple in Kitabatake, Osaka.


 At the local temple in Kitabatake, Osaka.


 At the local temple in Kitabatake, Osaka.


 Visiting Chica's old workmate Takako in Kobe with her husband Junya and son Kosei. A week later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.




 Seeing Shizuko for dinner at the Skylark.


 Mama-san came round to see us too, she says she wishes she'd changed her t-shirt first.


 At Yoko's (Osaka) house.


 Riding the Bullet train to Tokyo.


 Yoko (yokohama) takes over "entertaining Jun" duties from his exhausted parents for a bit.


 Yukie, daughter of Kanako, another of Chica's old coleagues.


 Miniature tank battles raged long into the evening at Yoko and Tat's house.


 Tasuku tries to explain the concept of sleep to Jun.


 Not exactly "Reservoir Dogs" is it.


 Tatsuya and baby Jun.


 Nice Bamboo.


 It's that big fella in Kamakura again.


 The night of "The big sushi."


 Nice roofs.


 Double Whammy, roofs and bamboo!


 I think I'm fixating on roofs now.


 Tasuku likes Dinosaurs, we will all like dinosaurs too if he has his way.


 Standing by a big bridge just as the edge of the Typhoon arrives, what a grey day!


 Posing in the Shizunaga family's temple.


 Chica's cousin's daughters Miyu and Mie.


 Visiting family in Awajishima


 Chica and her aunt, a skilled fellow quilter.


 Text to follow


 Kaori,Masako,Chica and Jun.


 Kaori's super "bling bling" Rolex.


 In the park, with Jun "En Sling."


 In the park, with the world cup stadium in the background.


 Still in the park.


 Still in the park.