Friends and Family in Japan



The people we saw and the things we did.



 Shoko-san and Chica's Dad Tadaaki.


 Kosei enjoying the glory of the 100 yen shop.


 Juntaro, out for the count.


 Paul likes Okonomiyake


 Jun contemplates the menu and decides to go for milk.


 Shizuko joined us for dinner at the "Skylark" family restaurant


 Yoko (Keyboard player for Siss Gulsowdo) and Chica in the Bank.


 Yoko's Mom, who bravely Baby-sat Jun for nearly 2 hours before he went mental.


 Yoko eats a healthy meal of Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Ice-Cream and French Fries. My Lunch is in the fore-ground and was basically Lasagne with a Burger on the top for fun.


 Jun sleeps with the Fishes. (actually its a Seal)


 Mama-san from our favourite local restaurant in Tamade. She's practically family y'know.


 And here's her Husband.


 And here he is again with Chica, Tadaaki and Jun.


 Me, and a Bullet Train (Shinkansen)


 Trying to distract Jun as he realises that he hates Bullet Trains.


 Tasuku getting ready to catch the bus to School.


 Waiting for the School Bus


 Still waiting for the School Bus


 Astro-Boy (Atomu) shoes. UK kids should be so lucky.


 Hey the bus is here!


 And now we can catch the train to Kamakura


 Kamakura, home of the big Buddha


 Yoko and Tatsuya pray to the big Buddha.


 And we go to check out his big shoes.


 They are big shoes alright.


 Too big for Jun's little feet.


 We met up with Rosie in a cafe in Hiroo, Tokyo.


 Jun considers a snack...


 But finds he is unsuccesful.


 Rosi concludes her "Business Lunch"


 and suits up to get to her real meeting up the road.


 Chica's Brother Yoshihiko and his wife Shio came round to Chica's Dads for dinner.


 And what a dinner it was!! Look at all that Sushi!


 Shio and Yoshi's 12 Week scan! It's a baby! Chica tells me that they know its a Girl.


 Jun likes Shio a lot.


 Look at the tiny Tourist.


 Lunch in an Underground Mall's restaurants. A great way to dodge the Typoon.


 Atsunori, Yoko's Brother and singer in the mighty Siss Gulsowdo.


 Yoko, Atsunori's wife Kinuko and son Yuki.


 Yuki looks after Jun.


 Dad in his new "Bathing Ape" t-shirt. Suteki ne!


 Kaori and Masako met us for dinner in the "Royal Host" family restaurant.


 Kaori's Husband bought her the most "Bling Bling" Rolex I've ever seen, yes it is real! In England you wouldn't risk wearing that sort of thing out the house.


 Chica Kaori and Jun.


 Dad and Jun experiment with "The Joys of Shop Bikes."