Japan Stuff



Random images from Japan some funny some not. some of the funny ones may only be so if you live in my head.



 A great big stinky fish which it is apparently traditional to serve to people that you know don't eat fish.


 Tamade market in Osaka. my new spiritual home, Kind of like a cheap department store with a roof and a road through the middle. If you look close you can see beer vending machines to the left of the photo. I love Japan.


 Like the carrier bag says: SUPER TAMADE!!!


 Now that's what I call a serving suggestion. They must have asked students about this one. Not sure about the wine glass for beer though.


 6p cheese, forty years ago they named this cheese and forgot to allow for inflation. coincidentally this is about as good as cheese gets in Japan. We found a specialist cheese importers in a big dept. store. The "stilton" they had was like wensleydale - no blue in sight.


 Chica's Dad's bread bin is called Pussy! no comment.


 How about a nice light read: I recommend "Dog's running" or "Penguins in the wild."


 Chica demostrates the skinniest aisle I've ever seen in a chemists. Ironically the products at the dead end of this aisle are the diet aids.


 Toilet? No, they're slippers.


 Beard Papa's Choux a la creme stand in Kobe. They were fab it has to be said. I wanted to find Beard papa to thank him, but apparently he was in a love hotel with Ronald Macdonald at the time.


 My glorious pay-as-you-go j-phone. It's becoming a tradition that I have a phone which the Japanese find risible every time I'm there and this was no exception. plus the menus being all in Kanji made it a real challenge to use.


 I believe it says SHIZUNAGA, (Chica's maiden name) as its on the front of her dad's house.


 Chicken Katsu CHEESE curry. sorry did you say cheese curry?


 Watering Kiss mints. sounds lovely.


 Gran magazine. There's a special report on support tights and Murray mints this month.


 The roll-up rubber piano, from yamaha. Genius, I wonder how well it plays though.


 A wooden bear, in a hat and some shades.


 Whatever that giraffes taking, I think its time he stopped.


 Solar powered wiggly head thing from Tomy. sat on top of my TV wiggling its head as I write this.


 MMM temple pebbles...


 its hard to be arty with a phone cam.


 The Macdonalds Battle flag


 Man on right: "I would like to put this on record: I have not passed solids for 3 weeks and have no intention of starting now." man at rear: " It seems you're still passing gas though."


 The coolest street lights I ever saw.


 Is this the logical progression from the Japanese love of the cheese triangle? The strawberry cheese triangle... only in Japan.


 The Beckoning cat plaza: the ideal place to shop whilst all around you are hiding from "Typhoon 6."


 Though the roof does leak a bit in the Beckoning Cat plaza.


 This is also a shopping mall, it just happens to look like a cathedral.


 This is part of the "Monster wall" in the toy section of "Yodabashi Camera" Osaka. Japanese kids are too lucky.


 This is the shuttle train from Osaka to the airport, Flash Gordon still doesn't know his ship is missing.


 Mr Miyagi can catch flies with his chopsticks, but can he pick up a raw egg yolk?


 Traditional Tatami mat shop.


 I was going to get my haircut here, but in the end didn't. I still love their name though. For the Japanese sign-writer it must have looked so wrong that he just had to put that extraneous "U" in.


 The last beer before leaving Japan.