Tatsuya's Kamakura photos



We spent a day sight-seeing in Kamakura. Tatsuya and Yoko's were a lot nicer than mine so I've put them up here.



 In Yokohama going to catch the train to Kamakura


 On the train, Jun doesn't like trains much.


 In the temple of the big Buddha - I really don't know the name...


 There's the fellow now.


 And there's Yoko and us in front of him.


 Inside the big Buddha, thats 20p extra each you know.


 Still inside, it's surprisingly small and quite skanky, 20p seems a fair price now.


 Back outside now and wearing the "croc dundee" style hat which I borrowed off the other Yoko in Osaka previously.


 and walking away, and using the ramp, cos we are buggy people now.


 Looking at dodgy tourist tat. I really want the Nunchuks and the Shuriken but how can I get them home?


 Heading for another temple, this one's famous for its gardens. Even from here they look good.


 See buggy glow, glow buggy, glow.


 Big dragonfly, difficult photograph. Well done Tats!


 Garden, plants...




 Kamakura's on the seaside!


 Temple roofs and me, sweating.


 Tats must like roofs and bamboo too.


 Chica, Yoko and flowers.


 I count 18 arms. Any advance on 18?


 That roof and that bamboo from behind and above.


 Entering the sacred cave of glowing buggies.


 If the stone lady plays the lute well, the buggy will begin to glow...


 It's working! It's working! strum on, stone lady!


 Why did I keep my shades on? D'oh! now I look like Jean Reno in Leon! (I wish)


 By the same rule, I bet Tatsuya wishes he'd left the bag out of shot too...


 So many yummy drinks to choose from, damn you station vending machine!


 Yoko's photos from her camera


 Yoko's photos from her camera


 Yoko's photos from her camera, I still haven't watched the nightvision stuff I shot in the caves yet, I wonder if it came out OK?