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Late 2007. Welsh steam trains, Halloween, Christmas & New Year (featuring real snow!!)

 Kabuto day. Everyone is a Samurai!

  With Ollie in the Lickey hills

 there's Ellie too.

 & Sally & the rest of us too, Why the big stick Jun?


 Large Lynx

 At the foot of the Bridgnorth Funicular


 On a steam train, in Wales.


 Doing a "Mick Jagger" with a pumpkin.


 Halloween at Jacob's house.




 Pinata time! watch out everyone!

 Jun gives it a leathering (issues with rage anyone?)

 Jacob's got measles!

 Jun & Jamie.

 The Duplo's final outing?

 Captain Rocket fingers!

 Christmas Carolling



 with the xmas evil nectarine head thing.

 with a birthday candle stuck in it.


 yup, Paul's excessively proud of that creation...


 at "The Oddfellows" in Wolvo for a post boxing day feast.



 Potten End with Toby & Maz for New Year.



 The kids are shattered from the 10 mile hike...

 Snow in Barnet! - (not actually at Xmas) was it in March?



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