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Jun's 4th Birthday party!!!

 Chatting with Zampia whilst Reiko heads for the buffet.

 Mum startled by the flash, whilst the Albertella men remain unfazed.

 Jo meets Andrea and Maria

 The Japanese take over the kitchen. Reiko, Izuru,Kyoko and Chica

 Sanjay & Simon

 Princess Tiara

 Grandad turns Jun into a wheelbarrow

 What is Omar eating?

 Jasmine looks non-plussed

 And Seeks refuge behind the sofa.

 Super Ashley!


 Maria, Izzy & Iona.

 Toby reclining, ready for his guitar jam later.


 Nick, Tanveer and Omar the bumblebee

 Radcliffe, Ruby & Jasmine

 Mina & Jessica

 Luke, his mum & his sister.

 Jun & Jamie

 The Dread Pirate Ashita with Naomi,Alina,Erica and Gate.

 Kyoko, Sanjay & Simon - They still haven't moved!

 Zampia, Maria, Andrea, Jo and Jean.

 John and Mark.

 Toby rocking the house.

 Tiara's getting tired...

 Elif enjoying the buffet.



 Erica the cat, has found cake.

 Me doing a bit of mild juggling

 Then it's Mark's turn.


 Fireman Niam



 Jo reads eveyone a story.

 Chica sets off the pyrotechnic candles


 And we all sing "Happy Birthday" accompanied by the smoke alarms...

 Nice work on the candles Jun, now can someone stop the smoke alarm please?

 Jungle Jun


 More bedtime stories.

 Time for a Cake Break.

 Jo tries to chase the last kids out of the door...the Tiger hat's not scary enough.

 So she tries the VELOCIRAPTOR mask!

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