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Spring stuff, Izzy's party, some photos by Mark & a trip to HMS Belfast & the Museum of London by Ollie.

 Jun rides the BIG slide at Mead farm.

 Yes, it is that much fun! & grown-ups can go on too.

 Ok, back to the top and let's do it again!

 Izzy - the Birthday girl.

 Tough call, snacks or gifts?





 Here comes the cake!





 Mark's uber-camera shots of Jun.

 ..ready to wreak havoc across the Galaxy!

 But not until he's wathced some telly with Aunty Jo.




 The HMS Belfast!

 Ellie & Jun try out a double hammock.

 It's not a double when I'm in it!


 And then off to the Museum of London to try on some fireman's helmets.

 The ancient Roman's were much smaller than I imagined...


 But the ancient Britains must have been giants! look at that teaspoon!

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