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Summer Fun, Jun learns to ride a bike!

 at 4yrs and 4months old...Jun cracks cycling without stabilisers at the 1st attempt! Dad's proud now!

 Faster than a speeding bullet!

 He jumps off kerbs! Nonchalantly!

 Farmer Jun, bringing in the bean harvest.






 Dad made a cantilevered deck to cover our ugly patio.

 Jun tries on his new School sports kit - he doesn't seem that happy about it though.


 & the new uniforn too.

 I think it could be time for a haircut Jun...

 Ken & Chris stop by after a bike ride. - That's not Ken's usual helmet.

 Jun insists on joining them for a few photos.

 & shows off his prowess at Kerb jumping



 a quick look at the camera mid jump.

 & then the finish line pose! Check out Ken's "race face"

 Ahh, the final days of Nursery...







 AARRGGHH! Blue Tongue!

 Radcliffe's got Blue Tongue too!

 So has Ruby!

 Visiting Jun's Great Grandparents Ben & Mary.

 Great Grandad Ben's trusty Raleigh 3-speed. A lot of go, but not a lot of stop.

 Jun-ny Van Halen.

 Bead threading afternoon.

 Jun's muesli robot - Wally.

 On the train to Jenny's house

 In Crystal Palace

 At the museum of Childhood


 In 1 Canada Square to watch a bit of the Red Bull Air Race



 Jun tries for a receptionist job, but he looks too relaxed with his elbows on the table.



 Jun grew some carrots.

 How does it taste Jun?

 Checking out the Giant Hissing Cockroach from South America.

 That's a really big stick insect!

 How does it taste Jun? YEUCH!

 Playing on Izzy's trampoline


 Is this the final line-up of Cambridgeshire Clearwater(beach) Revival?

 Robo Jun!

 BIg fish, little fish, Robot Jun.


 Eri, Chica & Jun at the British Museum

 Well, at least that other girl got out of the way.

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