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Pictures from Jun's 5th birthday and early 2009

  another trip to the Severn Valley Railkway? NO! we're still stuck in 2008!










 Jun's 5th Birthday, the widest handlebars ever fitted to a kids BMX? I think so.


 Seems like it rides OK, but my accidental spill of silicon spray on the brake surfaces made the downhills a bit exciting!

 The birthday party, Sally Squigle entertains the


 Izzy helps Sally do some magic.


 Do the locomotion all the way to the lunch table






 which leads to:

 Sword fighting..

 Jasmine & Chiara squre up to battle!

 Back at the house, a plastic cup of vino for Paul, Valerie, Fiona & Jose.

 Did we do the same cake twice? or did we have two?

 Zampia & Andreas chat to mum.

 Off to Kew gardens to see Ollie, Sally & Ellie.


 Jun makes friends with an excitable peacock.

  Ollie, Sally and Ellie at Kew's Japanese shrine.


 Jun's 1st sports day.


 a great deal of fun, but not a lot of sport!

 Next door's tortoise found its way into our garden.

 Jun wanted to keep him.

 Yes, I think it's safe to say our beloved Canon camera is slowly dying...

 Jun with a frog he found, shame about the camera trouble.

 Paul cooking a tiny barbecue, in cycling gloves?

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