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Pictures from Late 2009

 A Jun, a leaf & a new camera! how exciting!

 It's enough to make you want to dance!

 Are you getting ready for Josh & Herbie's Star Wars thenmed party young Padawan?

 Charlie's Darth Maul makeup is really scary!

  Princess Leia's eating healthy,Jun's not eating anything!



 Aunty Jo came to visit Jun.

 In town for the tour of Britain, rather backlit!

 At the Green Lanes festival, accosted by a couple of fellows on Penny Farthings

 Jun & Deniz blowing raspberries in Antepliler at the green lanes festival.



 Alina plays the guitar whilst Jun & Niam dance. What a mover!

 Out in Trent park.






 Out in Gunpowder park with Ava.

 Nice trident Jun.

 Jun made a thorny, sculpture thing.

 And became a founder member of the school's gardening club.

 With Nan & Grandad.

 With Great Nan & Grandad.



 St. Mary's church, Bridgnorth.

 Bridgnorth from the castle walk.

 Nice Funicular!

 What's Jun looking at?

 Ah! he's looking at the trains...

 More Bridgnorth pictures.



 Chica on the train.



 That's Tornado, the world's newest Steam Train!


 Bewdley, not flooded!


 Tornado, the guys that built this must be so proud of what they've acheived.


 The headlights certainly work well!


 & the reversing lights too.

 Halloween with Jacob and Ian.

 Counting the treasure after trick-or-treating.


 RAF Hendon






 Jun's 2009 Xmas play. No head-mounted duck this year and he actually sang all the songs!

 Look! Singing!

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