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10 Months old

  With Janine & Betsy

  Dad, goofing around in the Chelsea FC press briefing room

  On a giant log in Trent park with Uncle Mark

  Kazumi, 3mths thrashing hs limbs!




  It snowed!!!

  Polar bear hunting in Oak Hill park


  Christou Christmas

  Jun in a box

  Now THAT is festive!

  Kazumi on the internet

  Bridgnorth after boxing day, someone's overflowing pipe makes an amazing chunk of ice.

  the day Jun's hands fell off.

  Jun & Tiara LOVE Nintendo!

  Dad's new (old) bike, the ultimate commuter?

  Why do Kazumi's socks always fall off?

  I don't know what it is, so I EATS it!!!

  Off to Antepliler for Kazumi's first kebab


  MMMM crusts! I loves crusts!

  Cowboy Jun, president of the free world.

  Don't look now Kazumi! There's a giant Bear behind you!

  Where Dad? I can't see any bear?

  Jun and the invasion of the tiny tanks

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