JUNTARO'S PHOTOS 2 Month's old and on...

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Jun, and Mum, waking up on the right side of the bed.
Jun and Pia
Junchan tries out his "1000 yard stare".
Junchan and Dad, sharing an early morning joke.
Junchan, blurry but in good spirits.
Jun and Mum, snoozing together.
Jun and Mum, still snoozing together.
Jun, still snoozing in some very fetching stripes.
Jun, Jo and Mark, all zonked out after a big meal.
Sakiko, holding Jun in his Bruce Lee suit.
Jun and Mum.
Jun and Jonny, in Angel.
Jun and Dr. Penny,
Jun checks out the pickles in Chisou restaurant, in the West end.
Jun meets Toby and Maz to discuss his arranged marriage to Izzy, 4 days his junior.


 Jun contemplates the world economy and other matters of great import.


 And decides on a career as a pugilist.


 Is this the new hand-sign thats needed to revitalise the hip-hop scene?


 Chica on the tube with, Jun, Jimmy, Jessica and new baby Jamie.


 Jun likes to let the grass grow beneath his toes.


 Yes, those toes Jun!


 Jun is the amazing human rucksack.


 Or maybe he's a hat?


 Juntaro and Hugh Greenway chilling on a Sunday, This brief moment was the only time he wasn't yelling all weekend. This can be clearly seen from Hugh's expression...

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