JUNTARO'S PHOTOS 3 Month's old and on...

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 Sleeps with Dum-Dum, (It's not exactly "Dances with wolves" is it.)


 Jun lurks at work.


 Jun in the safe hands of "The Godfather" Jonny.


 Jun wa ima takai desu ne.


 Chica and Jun marvel at Alias' newly repaired laptop, nice T-shirt Alias!


 Stevie B (Emmy Award winning FX artist Steve Bettles - as he's known professionally), came round and made life-casts of Jun's hand and foot. COOL!! They look like some ancient Roman Artefacts.


 James "the marketing guru" teaches Jun the rudiments of Web-site optimisation. It's a shame he never taught me...


 Jun n Jazz, in the beer garden at Garlic and Shots. Jun looks like my liver felt!


 Jun makes a grab for Ruth's jewellery in the beer garden. Chica tries to hold Jun's head on for no readily apparent reason.




Even more AWWWWWWWW!!! - or is he trying to hypnotise us?


Alex and Louise from Morley's Textiles course play with Jun.


Black and White, but is it art?


Ooooh Paul found the Sepia button!


Chica's work is in a Gallery!!! Danni, her former tutor and Jun seem impressed too.


Simon's wife Gai and Chica keeping an eye on Jun.


DJ Phusion triumphant after teaching Jun to "cut up wicked on the decks"


Jun and Izzy.


Jun tolerates dads guitar playing, he'll grow to love it some day, or he'll shoot me instead.


Jun and Keiko


Jun with Grandparents


4 Generations! Juns Grandfather (Reg), Greatgandfather (Ben) and Great-granduncle (Harold). Ben and Harold are twins and this was their 85th Birthday!


Nearly the Whole clan! All gathered together for Ben and Harold's 85th Birthday party.

Jun's Galleries home