JUNTARO'S PHOTOS 4 Month's old and on...


 Suddenly, as Jun turned 4 months old, his feet swelled to enormous proportions...


 And he started wearing a nappy as a hat in a tribute to Dutch flower sellers.


 Jun, with dad and Andi-Alan in a pub, in Chalk Farm.


 Jun, thinks Louren's new tattoo looks really painful. Apparently it is!


 A mini in Levi's outside the RCA, Chica and Jun lurking in the background.


 Jun and Chica at the Albert memorial.


 Jun and Chica at the Albert memorial, slightly closer but strangely blurry.


 Jun, tummy down, head up!


 Jun, tummy down, head up, and not crying about it, PROGRESS!!




Jun, still on his tummy assisted by Neko-san.


Jun relaxes, after a soak in the tub, with a quick read of the day's paper.


5 Months old


Blurry Paulo, in the Harrods sale.


Giant Chupa chups!


Smiling a little...


Smiling a lot!


Jun with Ugo, round at Johnny's house.


Ichiban Musuko Desu! Yuki from Geos brought Jun a T-Shirt back from Kansai.


Dom, Xander and Chica on the tube.


Kirsty and Matilda, also on the tube.


Jun.... on the tube.


all of the above, in Hyde park by the Serpentine.


Princess Diana's memorial stream / fountain / tripping hazard...


Jun Crawls!!


errm, some Marble that looks like a ruined city. This should be on the stuff page I guess, but Jun saw it too y'know.


Jun, caught in the spotlight.


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