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6 Months old


Juntaro in his high chair.


mmmm, Solid food!


Juntaro, packed and ready for shipping.


Juntaro, forced to wear a girl's ski-suit by his mother....


Juntaro, still forced to wear a girl's ski-suit by his mother....


Juntaro, does a "Mother Theresa."


Juntaro, does a "Mother Theresa."


Juntaro, stands in his cot, (after some assistance.)


Juntaro, stands in his cot, Blurry, but historic.


Juntaro, wearing his "One flew over the cuckoos nest" shoes.


Juntaro, mmmm asylum-creepers. He's got some really cool Converse All-stars that Jenny bought for him. I'll get some photos soon.


Here they are! All Stars!


Hmm, we're going to need double knots here Mr. Spock.


Juntaro got a custom paint job done on his Asylum-creepers by DJ Phusion. Cool!


Truly, he is down with his bad self!


Can he kick it? Maybe, but he'll probably need some help...


Yo, Mr. JT is ready to hit the streets crawling.


Simon, "DJ Phusion" with his handiwork, modelled by DJ Juntaro-T his protege.


Juntaro, went to see Peter and James' flat, He liked the period detail and the tasteful decor, but didn't put in an offer due to the street's tricky parking. (Juntarotaro is not great at parking cars, just like his dad.)


Juntaro, in a buggy with a towel. 'nuff said.


Juntaro, on dad's head.


Juntaro, still on dad's head.


Juntaro, with more cool new shoes! and a great jiffy-bag wimple.


Juntaro, fast asleep wearing yet more cool shoes from Alias and Carolina.


Juntaro, keeping a firm grasp on the family jewels there.


Juntaro, Chica and a patchwork quilt.


Juntaro's mysterious bump, hmm, its not a bruise and we'll be getting it looked at by a paediatrician as soon as we get an appointment.


Juntaro, a walking advert for "Baby gap" thanks to godfather Jonny's presents.


Jun turns Dad into a pirate by headbutting out his bridge-work, then posing as a parrot on his shoulder. Thanks Jun!


Maria and Chica contemplate swapping Juntaro and Izzy.


Jun's Nan keeps a good grip on him


Fiona, Jose' and Valerie came to visit Jun and try and keep him entertained.


But Jun just wants to surf the web...



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