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Late 2004 and Early 2005 - mostly autumn 04, but we didn't find them until much later...

 Simon and Gai came to visit, Gai was pregnant at the time but Simon was showing more so he had the magazine!

 Playing Baby Swaps with Toby, Maria and Izzy in their lovely garden.

 Jun in his Moo suit playing with his grandparents.

 With Dave and Ruth.

 Round at Jonny's house, check out the Ninja throwing stars on Jun's trousers that Chica made.

 With Jonny.



 Jun's intense gaze form out of the Buggy.

 With Jean and Reg at Somerset house.

 And Golders Hill park.


 Mom and Dad's reactolite glasses make them look like secret agents, Jun's buggy makes him look like an alien...

 That's better.

 Round at Dave and Ruth's again.

 Fiona, Jose' and Valerie came to see us.

 Round at Terry and Marions in Crouch Hill.

 This is about a week before Jun learned to walk unaided.



 With Keiko and Danni at Morley college.

 Acting cute in the lounge.

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