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Early 2005

 Frosted glass will do that to you.

 See we told you Gai was pregnant!

 Simon and Gai with Tiara Asia Flindall.

 Chica and Tiara.

 Gai's aunt's kids play with Jun.

 Sean tries to explain the joy of Lego.

 Tiara is awake!

 Tiara is awake!

 Dad's dodgy icing, Jun's 1st birthday.

 Jun in a basket.

 Nearly bedtime.

 Somewhere in San Francisco, check out the shadow of the fire hydrant...

 Hanging out in the mall, Old Navy I think.



 At the top of Mt. Diablo CA. vey backlit though.

 Breaking the rules in Alcatraz.

 No eating in Alcatraz's dining hall, what sort of rule is that anyway?

 Morning breaks after another long night...

 The changing table has now become "Jun's Nappy shop"

 Mmm baby wipes goooood!

 Must hide baby wipes.

 Can I get you something from the shop sir?

 Jamie's 1st Birthday.


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