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Tiny Jun
Jun, 1 hour old, in an NHS hat!
Jun and Mum
Junchan 1 hour old, with his Mum.
Cucumber hands
Junchan with small cucumbers instead of hands and Bimmer the F1 bear.
Jun's Chicken impression
Junchan doing his Chicken impression.
Jun, Mum and sling
Junchan in his sling, with his Mum.
Jun and Flo
Jun and Jonny's Mum: Flo.
Dave and Ruth testing the water
Dave and Ruth looking like potential parents...
Michiko, Chica and Jun
My Japanese Tutor: Michiko, came to visit Jun.
Jun with his Grandparents
Jun meets his Nan and Grandad.
Jun with his grandad
Grandad Reg and a very contented looking Jun.
Jun meets Mark and Jo
Jun's Uncle Mark and Aunty Jo.
Dr. Kelly came to visit
Dr. Kelly came to visit Jun.
Nature's Cushion...
So that's what a beer belly is for.
Jun shows worrying disdain for telecommunications
Jun shows worrying disdain for telecommunications.
Who will blink first?
A small battle of wills, first to blink gets the milk.
4 generations
Great-grandparents Ben and Mary join us for this photo.
Jun with Visitors
Jun with Visitors.
Yuka; good with children
Yuka; good with children.
A visit from the Quilting Bee
Chica's fellow Quilters Alex and Linda dropped by.
Jonny - The Godfather - shows Jun his first pint of beer
Jonny - The Godfather - shows Jun his first pint of beer.
DJ Phusion in da house!
DJ Phusion in da house! Simon, the wise elder of Hip-hop came to say hi, or is it Yo?.
Tribal Gathering?
My Aunty Pam, Uncle Tony, Cousin Simon and Trish join us for the big picture, their relationship to Jun is one generation further down and probably involves a lot of use of the word great...
Jun, Grandad and Paul
Jun, Grandad and Paul.
Jun in the office
Jun at work, what's that on the calculator screen? He's obsessed with milk.
Jun and Mark's dad: John.
John came to see Jun. Jun was very well behaved, obviously sensing the presence of a Gentleman.
Feeding time
Feeding time. Don't worry Laleche leaguers, it's Expressed!
Jun instantly Warms to Terry and Marion
Terry and Marion (soon to be married) impressed Jun with their seemingly limitless energy to entertain him.
Jun goes to Brum
Jun flew through Brum and met lots of people, Including Kirstie and little Matilda.
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