Long Island Holiday 2009


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Pics from our trip to see Mark & Jo on Long Island

  In the MET museum, checking out the Egyptian temple


  Jun insisted on having his photo taken here, in this pose. I've no idea why.

 The Gug.

  Jun, loving Jones Beach.



  On Jones beach






  On the Long Island Railroad heading into Manhattan to celebrate our 10th Wedding anniversary

  Ippudo restaurant NY. We decided to come here after several visits to the original Osaka branch.

  Jun's watched too much Wall-e. This coakroach was his best mate for about an hour in Washington sq. park playground.

  Jun LOVES Pop Tarts!

  I think this is a Cicada, Chica says it's a "se-mi" in Japanese, wierd looking fella though.

  Love those shades Jun, very "Jackie-O"



  We're such rubbish tourists, we walked past the Empire state about 4 times before we noticed it. WHOOPS! In our defence, it was so hot and sunny in NYC that we were mostly hiding in shadows and keeping our heads down!

  On the beach at Wildwood state park.


 Atlantis Marine park in Riverhead with Mark & Jo. The boat trip was awesome, but their show "Hairy Potter & the Sealion's stone" might cause J.K.Rowling to raise an eyebrow...




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