2008 Page 1.
Which, in my typically timely fashion actually contains a fair few photos from late 2007. Sorry! I've been REALLY busy, OK? 

So, we've got a mishmash of photos from Hillingdon winter series, where I failed to score any points but also failed to break any bones - just!. 
We've also some work stuff, some Jun stuff, a little bit of handicrafts and a bunch of rubbish photos from my recent cycling trip in the Alps. 



Courtesy of Dennis Sackett Photography, a shot of me pouting and chasing the wheel of Alex Murray - I went on to spectacularly not win this race! 

A photo of my first crash in bicycle racing, happy memories of very sore ribs. I managed to get back on and finish in the pack though. 

Ken Iino celebrates after scoring his first points in a cycle race - a feeling I can only imagine... 

Yummy! My Cannondale Synapse, the Aston Martin of road bikes. 

My Trek Madone 5.5 - the Lotus Elise of Road bikes. 

My Sato XC MTB. It's all her fault really. You start on one of these and it leads to the harder stuff! 

Jun with Aunty Rachel at Matt n Hannah's BBQ. 

Walking across the Forth road bridge with Innes Chalmers and Jason Mayhead. What were we thinking? 

Still on that big old windy birdge. 

Handicrafts time, first it's pumpkin carving...  

Then dressing Jun up as a ghost. Or is he just trying to help fit the duvet cover?  

Then onto Lego skills. A model of the Savoia S.21 Folgore Seaplane from the Miyazaki anime Porco Rosso. Had to keep it basic as I ran out of red lego!  

Jun and Ellie chasing bubble atop the Lickey hills. 

Jun climbs his first proper tree.  

The big showoff.  

A really blurry photo of a young Eddie Van Halen - or is it Jun? Posing with his half-size electric guitar.  

Toby the Tiger 

2 weeks after he learns to ride without stabilisers...Jun's first bike race! Has he met his match in this confrontation with Chris Fenn? 

I think he's letting you win Jun. 

Mount Ventoux, Giant of Provence, looms up beneath the wing of our plane as we fly to France...In just a few days I'm going to have to ride up it!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! 

Ken Iino,at the top of the Lovely Col du Limouche. Only 1085m but it's my first real Col and I've made it to the top without dying or losing my lunch! 

See, there I am - not dead or aick or anything. 

Ken at the foot of the Vercors, with the Limouche in the background. 

& me too. Next day's when the real fun starts... 

Sitting at a cafe on Col du Lauteret, (2055m) with just the next 600m up to the top of Galibier ahead of us on a 5 hour, slog of a day.  

The Col du Galibier. It's a lovely friendly looking place - honest! 

Mount Ventoux from the Church in Bedoin. We've already been up & down it by the time this was taken thankfully! 

I thoroughly recommend the Bedoin route up the Ventoux for anyone with a car...I'm told it's a beautiful route, all I can remember is PAIN, the endless 2ft of tarmac crawling in front of my wheel and a constant desire to just stop the madness. Ken flew up it, singing and taking photos of things that caught his eye. I'll try and get copies of those photos and put them up here at some point... don't hold you breath!