Cycling Page 1.
So, I Bought this Awesome TREK Madone 5.5 from the Great Britain Race team. I (shamefully) bought it to commute on. Then I started to feel like I should try and live up to the bike a bit more. So firstly I got roped into cycling in a team triathlon at the Michelob Ultra London 2007 triathlon. I rode 40km in 1hr 14 so I'm pretty happy with it, but I hope there's more to come.  

Further down the page there's a few Pics of Jazz and My , ill-fated trip to Cambridge on 18/8/07. We got from London to Cambs in 2 1/2 hours, but then a combo of fierce headwinds and Jazz's legs giving up, decided a train ride home after 75 miles of riding. Better luck next time!!! 



Mentally preparing for the race: L-R, Tom Danaher, Michelle Sullivan, Paul, Berndatte Mattison, John Nash & Simon "sealion" Renwick (reclining) 

Just sizing up Simon, ready for his... 

Weigh in! 

See my fingers sinking into that "washboard" stomach! 


Lycra is not my best look... 

Don't you think? 

On the road, Lap1 - Heart rate off the clock.  


He hears the strange shouts from above...  

And realises it's his family come to watch.  

But he must get on with the job in hand!  

Jo & Jun up in the DLR station - Shade and a View, the spectator's dream ticket. 

The Jun.  

The Jun.  

The Dad from above.  


Chica, in her "Colonel Kurtz" hat.  

Lap 3, putting on a show for the folks.  

I have to pass the guy on the S-works with the tri-bars and the HED wheels! Joanne's shouting and "thundersticks" distract him, breaking his rhythm...  

And I'm on my way past, much to the bemusement of the flouro guy on the cannondale.  

Mum, impersonating a lollipop lady, with the blow-up freebies from the London Tour de France prologue.  

Sister Jo.  

Ahh the Gatorade of completion tastes sweet!  

The Jun.  

The Clan Wixon, Jo, Mum, Mark, Paul and Dad  

Jun trying to escape.  

Jun, looking a little like his brownie's been spiked.  

Paul, looking like a moron.  

Jazz and Paul's trip from London to Cambridge. 

looking smug  

looking smug  

Refuelling at Marella's Norpak rocks my plate!  

Phoning home after 75 miles to confess that the train will be taking the strain!  

"Jelly legs" Jazz looking suitably bashful.